Performance Guarantee

Your decision to build a new home is a major commitment – financially and emotionally. We believe you deserve a similar commitment from us.


Our benchmarks of quality are that all our work will meet or exceed relevant statutory requirements. Where no relevant standard exists we will apply the “would I accept that in my home?” test.

Throughout our association we will regularly invite your comments to ensure our services are meeting your needs and expectations. We will use your feedback to continually improve our performance.


Your home will be completed within the period specified in our contract or we will pay you an agreed amount. The cost of your home will be as set out in our written building agreement.


We will encourage and support continual self-improvement and professional development for our staff, preferred subcontractors and suppliers to ensure you receive the best possible advice and value.


In addition to statutory maintenance provisions and those included in your contract we undertake to provide the following extra services after you move into your new home.

  • At your request we will provide an annual free inspection of your home to advise you regarding best practice maintenance procedures or any other building related matter.
  • We will take a lifetime interest in your home.  We will attend to any work of ours* that is defective for as long as you live in the home provided of course that you maintain your home in accordance with good building practices. (*Subject to inspection)
  • We will retain an archive file of your home containing copies of plans, specifications and other information that may help you in future renovations or extensions or when you decide to sell.
  • We will respond willingly, promptly and courteously to your requests for assistance.
  • We will help you buy products from our suppliers for the prices they charge us.