Neil Albert

Managing Director/ Designer/ Supervisor

Neil grew up in timber country on the North Coast of N.S.W. After graduating from Newcastle University he worked as an industrial arts teacher at Bourke and Singleton High Schools.

Neil is a member of the Building Designers Association of Australia and is a “Green-Smart” professional. He has been the creative architectural force at Stibbard since 1993 and was appointed Managing Director of the company in 2005.

Neil’s ability to transform our client’s ideas into practical, innovative designs has earned him an enviable reputation in the Hunter Valley. His designs have won a number of building industry awards.

Neil is also Stibbard’s nominated building supervisor. His close attention to detail and intimate knowledge of each client’s design assures a high level of exact construction.


Samantha Stibbard

Client Liaison, Director and Company Secretary

Samantha is a director of Stibbard and company secretary. Her work experiences include town planning and management in various industries.

Sam joined Stibbard in 2001. Her responsibilities include corporate and administrative compliance issues, accounts supervision and estimating assistance.

Samantha maintains a wide knowledge of materials and finishes to allow her to assist clients’ decision making throughout the design, pricing and construction phases.


Bryce Giuffre


Bryce is one of Stibbard’s nominated building supervisors. He is a qualified carpenter and brings wealth of practical knowledge to his supervisory role with Stibbard. He has an eye for detail as well as a customer focused cheerful disposition. He gets on well with his trades and manages to encourage their performances.