Is there a cost for an initial meeting?

No, it is FREE.

Can we select the fixtures and fittings in our home?

Yes, and we assist you in this process.

Do you prepare our plans and handle all council requirements?

Yes, in conjunction with our advisors including engineers and surveyors.

What guarantees do you offer?

Firstly, and before you make a significant financial commitment, we prepare an Investment Proposal that, within sensible guidelines, gives you a guaranteed building budget.

Also, all our clients enjoy the security of our unique Performance Guarantee. This is set out in detail in another section of this website.

Do we sign a building agreement?

Yes, your building agreement includes all the documentation related to the construction of your new home; plans, specifications, engineering details, Home Owners Warranty insurance, council approval conditions, details of all inclusions and of course a guaranteed price and construction period. The Department of Fair Trading also insists that a written contract is executed.

Can the cost of my house change during construction?

Yes, but only under certain circumstances. These circumstances are made very clear in the building agreement but basically no change can be made without your approval in writing. In other words it’s up to you.